Mongols Influence On Chinese Culture

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Kevin jean-Mary Mongols have been nowed as warriors and but when Khubilai Khan captures China the mongols have finally got off their horse. The mongols have started to drift away from their culture and started to fuse it with china 's around the 1300’s. Khubilai Khan has taken the culture of the Mongols and has hidden it within. The Mongols are not the same culturally but they have not fully change to the chinese ways. Khublai Khan just before the 1300’s has captured all of china by mere force but instead of changing china completely he changes the culture of the mongols. Khubilai Khan Built chinese capitals, took chinese traditions, created a Chinese dynasty and took their names. Khubilai Khan wanted to be the emperor of china instead of being a true mongal. He felt that he had to unify China and made the core culture Chinese, not Mongol. Khubilai Khan wanted to the win the Chinese over so he did not just create the core culture but he changed his own culture as well. In 1263 Khubi laKhan had an ancestral temple built for his family but he ask for a traditional Chinese ceremonies. Khubi laKhan also erected had Chinese-style ancestral tablets to his ancestors. Khubilai Khan did choose to not change with Mongols laws but infuse both showing the blend in culture.…show more content…
Khubilai Khan never fully trusted the chinese and stayed hidden in the Forbidden City where he can act how he wants. Khubilai Khan did not act like a Chinese Empire when he was alone or with his family. Khubilai Khan acted like a Mongol “ in dress, speech, food, sports, and entertainment” he was known to have a lot of “drinks”. Khubilai Khan didn’t trust the Chinese enough to act like himself in public. Khubilai Khan kept the Forbidden City a Mongol place showing that hi is not fully devoted to China but even though he still wants to be a Mongol Khubilai Khan still wants to be a true Empire in
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