Mongols Were Barbarians Research Paper

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Alani Zabala-Perez February 6, 2017
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Mongols: How Civilized Were The “Barbarians”

Mongols weren’t fully barbaric, they had some rational rules and customs that still impact civilizations today. For example Mongols had a very organized military, they tolerated all religions, and encouraged trade.
About 4,860,000 square miles of Asia was conquered by Genghis Khan from 1162 to 1227 (Document A). Europeans knew the Mongols as barbaric people because their customs approved in their culture. The Mongols were very civilized though. Not many other armies were as organized as the Mongols. In order to have such an organized army, Genghis Khan had to divide his army. Every ten people had one group leader who
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Although sometimes they wouldn’t leave survivors, sometimes they did. For being labeled bloodthirsty barbarians, they were very tolerant to different cultures and religions. Some of the “civilized” groups of people, weren’t tolerant to other religions and cultures; whilst the Mongols were very good at tolerating. In document G, it says that around the Khan’s palace there would be many monasteries of different religions. In the capital there were twelve Buddhist temples, two muslim mosques, and one christian church (Document G). This represents the strong leadership the Khan must of had in order to make his people be tolerant to other people, making them civilized. These customs resemble the freedom of religion in the U.S…show more content…
It states that war amongst themselves, bodily harm, murder, robbers and thieves did not exist in their empire (Document K). Mongol houses did not have locks because no one would steal (Document K). That really shows how advanced the Mongols were. In many of the empires that call Mongols “barbaric” did not have such things like the Mongols did. None of the countries that exist today people feel this safe and are this educated. This really brings out the Mongols as one of the greatest empire, if not the greatest.
Europeans probably called the Mongols barbaric because of their strength and ruthlessness. The Mongols really contributed to to what the world is today. They influenced people to be tolerant to other religions, intensified trade, brought up laws to a new level, and completely redefined military organization. Their reign a bit barbaric, but way more civilized. Mongols were not very barbaric, they actually helped shape the world’s

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