Monkey Paw: Who Is Responsible For Herbert's Death?

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Did you ever wonder why Herbert died? It all started on a dark stormy night, while playing chest. A man from a faraway land knocked on the door. He told a tale of a magical paw. The paw would let you make three wishes. In the story, “Monkey Paw”, the son Herbert dies. I believe Sergeant Major is the guy to blame.
Since Sergeant Major knew the dangers of the paw he is responsible of Herbert’s death. In the passage it states, “He took some things out his pocket and proffer it.” He took the paw out of his pocket and offers it to the people. With Sergeant knowing the dangers of the paw he doesn’t try to avoid offering it instead he insists on offering the paw.
Furthermore, it states in the passage, “Well, it’s just a bit of what you might call magic, perhaps,” said Major offhandly. Sergeant Major announces the paw as magic. He tries to persuade them by saying that. Because, if you think of magic you think of things that you wish to happen or come true.
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He knew someone would later die. Sergeant Major puts the Whites family at risk. He even mentions to them that death was going to occur. Sergeant is completely responsible for Herbert’s death; he introduces the paw to the family.
In conclusion, Sergeant Major is definitely responsible for the death of Herbert. He introduces the paw to Herbert and his family. If Sergeant major never would have introduced the family to the paw do you think Herbert would have
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