Monkeys Paw Story Analysis

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What is plot development? It is defined as how a book progresses. Plot is casual sequence of events; it tells you why everything happens in the story. It draws in the readers into the character’s lives and makes them understand what that character is going through. The structure is the way the story elements are arranged and it can vary depending on the writer. The basic literary structure for most stories is: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. To identify this structure I will use as a tool the W.W. Jacob’s The Monkey’s Paw story. The exposition of the story starts us off with the mood set to be a dark, stormy night while the three members of the White family sit cozy in their living room, Mrs. White knitting while Herbert and Mr. White play a game of chess, all near the warmth of the fireplace. Everything is calm until they get a visit from their family friend, Sergeant-Major Morris. The author explains how the Whites lived in an isolated area, far away from their neighbors which makes this visit seem peculiar. The Sergeant comes tumbling into the Whites house, drunk, and starts telling about his adventures in foreign lands. There, he takes and shows the family a monkey’s paw he got from India which was said to have magical powers that could grant a man three wishes. The rising actions starts developing when Sergeant gives the Whites the paw, saying he had already made a wish and that it was only made to hurt whoever wishes upon it. Mr.

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