Monnie Baker Character Analysis

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Twenty four year old Monnie Baker is going through the worst time of his life after his baby moms leave him with their ten year old son Clay Baker. Monnie is currently working at a $10 hr paying job and staying with his grandmother until he can get back on his feet. He’s got a side hustle going on when he doesn't have to work him and his son go to the studio and his son play around why he records. Clay being so young he doesn't really realize that their struggling but that's good because his father Monnie doesn't
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His name is growing, He’s getting more shows, and money is slowly piling. Grandma and son are still working and going to school not knowing that soon they will be buying a new home in another state. So the same day Monnie waits on his family to come home to tell them the good news. When they get their Monnie show them a paper of a house possibly being their new home, Grandma likes it but Clay isn't feeling it so well, I mean it looks cool to him but the fact that he would have to leave his friends to live there… he’s out, Clay…show more content…
Months and months go past schools finally over and Monnie is looking like the man of his city. A Lot of hate is getting thrown his way and he feels he should leave before he mess his career up. He tells his family their moving to Cali and it's a little fuss with his son but he feels they can get past that. After a few days they’re all packed up and ready to go leaving all the memories and struggle in the home as they begin their road to success. It's been a good couple days and their finally at their new home 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and much more. Clay didn't expect it and is just running around the house because all of the space they have now Monnie is unloading the truck and grandma is making the house look like how a grandma makes a house look. With Monnie being a big star now they are on top and living life never in a million years thinking that this a happen but it did. They went from cold baths and bologna sandwiches to a big house and everything going
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