Monologue About Alien

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Oh god what have I gotten myself into. Im Aspen Ravenwood and I 'm anything but your average girl. I 've grown up in a government run testing lab and have never known anything but the concrete walls that surround me all of my life . Im one of the few test subjects that the experiment has actually worked on, but if I tell anyone they will run who knows how many tests on me. All i know is that the kids that get discovered always disappear. I can go into your memories and find everyone you 've ever cared about, then turn into them. I know what you 're gonna do before you do it , along with all your deepest secrets , all in a glance. I am a mind reader of sorts but I also read emotions and can change your emotions to my will, there really…show more content…
(if you didn 't catch that oh so obvious hint I 'm 17)Ash is a lot like me he is perceptive, sarcastic, funny and loyal. Ash doesnt have supernatural powers like me but he still has the power to demand respect and control a room.To be honest he zis everything that I aspire to be.Arabelle is my little sister who is only 9 herself , me and her are nothing alike she is kindhearted, sweet, nice, genuine , more of a people pleaser. I love her to death but she needs to learn to watch out for people or else she is constantly be used as a doormat , and i 'll have to risk being quarantined when I kill the people that do.Mrs jackson is my mentor, every kid in the building gets a mentor assigned to them when they are 10. The life expectancy here is 29 so parents don 't usually live to parent their kids and that 's what a mentor is for. Mentors are workers from outside the dome who try and shape our minds so they can be easily manipulated and controlled,but Mrs jackson is different she believes that creating zombie conformists won 't make anyone unique enough to have a power, and she is right . Me her test subject is the only one to our knowledge who has powers, and I by far am no conformist. Mrs Jackson is like my mother figure and I would do anything for that

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