Monologue About Brave New World

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This entire world is hell, we live in fear and the constant series of brutal events that break us until we can't fucking move. The world isn't nice, the world was never ment to be nice. We have changed it, destroyed it, destroyed each other, but where does it end. When people say seize the moment. Does it even work that way, because it seems the moment seizes us. We are brought in in constant choices that change are life, sometimes we don't realize the bridge we burned under us. Destroying ourselves trying to find what's right. Trying to make mends. You can't fix everything. Paper wings only go so far when you have the ashes of life around you. When you have the world against you, dragging you back, there is always what's ahead. Sure the world is a crude…show more content…
You have broke me. Made me crumble. You took down the wall that I put up for years in a fake and stupid attempt to hide myself from everyone. You touched my heart, you heald it, you kissed it, you hugged it, you kept it and are still holding on right fucking now. And you can't deny it. But right now, I need your help, and you need mine. I want to remember ourselves for what we started from. Love, care, kindness, I was so fucking scared when I bought you that stupid coke. I was afraid you would turn me down, that it was fake, that you didn't want me. 9 months 8 days, and what 11 hours and 30 min now. Brittany I don't know if you realize this yet, but from the night I kissed you on the cheek, I never stopped thinking about you. We will fall down but one of us always help each other and over my dead fucking body am I letting you go. I fucking love you. I will always love you, and you bet my life that the devil better watch his motherfucking back if he wants to get to us, because I'm fighting for you Brittany. My dreams with you are not fake, I didn't say them for shits and giggles. I want you. I crave you. I love you Brittany. I love you, because you loved me
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