Monologue Analysis: You, Me And Dupree

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The monologue I chose to perform is from the movie You, Me, and Dupree, by Michael Lesieur and it is delivered by the character Randolph Dupree. Prior to the point of the movie the monologue is given, Dupree is fired from his job and loses his house due to taking five days off to attending Carl’s (his best friend) wedding as the best man. Carl welcomes him to stay at his house for a few days. During one of those days, Carl is called into work the morning he is supposed to give a career day speech to his wife’s elementary school classroom. Dupree fills in for Carl and gives the speech instead. That speech is the monologue I chose and the message that Dupree tries to give is that not everyone will succeed; some people will languish, but that is okay as long as you stay ready. Giving a monologue isn’t something where you can just read the script and perform it perfectly. That’s why there was a process I went through to enable me to properly perform my monologue to a good extent of my abilities. The first step I took was to watch the scene over and over until I…show more content…
There is always room for improvement, and if I were to have to give a monologue again I would definitely do a few things different. Next time I would change what I focus on during practicing. Since I was so worried about not being able to memorize it on time, I put a huge focus on memorizing it and just reading it over and over. I would focus a lot more on verbal techniques and work on more specific things in the elements of vocal delivery. I would also take steps to get over the nervousness I experienced. Even though I would change a few things, I think that my monologue went much better than I envisioned. At first, I was horrified to have to go in front of the class and give a monologue, but afterwards I thought it wasn’t even that bad. I’m glad we did this embedded assessment and got to experience what it is like to give a
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