Monologue From The Marigolds

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I woke to the sound of Joey screaming “Lizabeth stop, please stop”. And when I came outside to see what all the commotion was about, it was too late Lizabeth already destroyed my marigolds. These marigolds that were orange and yellow and the only thing that made me run down house look beautiful. They meant so much to me because I got those from my husband Craig Lottie. Craig had a disability that leads to him passing away a couple of years after he bought me the marigolds and that is all I have to remember him. As I was watching Lizabeth destroy my marigolds my heart shattered, it was like the day I lost Craig.
As I went outside to see what was happening, I saw Lizabeth sitting next to my garden with her hands over her face crying next to
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As I wanted to scream I did not because I could tell that she was sorry for what she had done. Then as everything was getting quiet, I heard my brother Joey say “look Lizabeth look!”
As Lizabeth heard this she looked up with her eyes swelled because of the crying that she had just done. I was standing in front of Lizabeth and when she got up, she said “M-Miss Lottie” as she scrambled to her feet. There was no rage or anger in Lizabeth's face now that she has destroyed the marigolds. Ever since that day I have learned a lesson about not being a mean witch like the kids thought I was.`
As I could tell that Lizabeth was sorry for what she had done, I started to settle down and I was not as mad as I was because I knew she was sorry. But it was still very hard to have to deal with the fact that my only memory of Craig was know gone. Although this may be the only memory I have with him and it is now gone at least I can make more memories with Lizabeth now that she is done trying to destroy my marigolds and now she will not have to hang out with all of those bad people and maybe now things might just get better at
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