Monologue In The Great Gatsby

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‘Sniff, sniff, sniff…,’ my crying from under the finely sewed silk covers finally breaks the night’s dead silence as if a body of calm water is disrupted by a small pebble.
My cries are not relieving my jitters and distress. I’m shivering uncontrollably with images of Gatsby’s disappointing face and Tom’s angry face surfing through and hunting my subconscious.
My throat is gradually parching and tightening as if I am being choked by an invisible hand. My heart is beating rapidly and intensely as if suggesting I have just finished a marathon. My stomach is twirling into knots with butterflies flying around wildly.
Everything feels so depressing, overwhelming and traumatising since that confrontment not so long ago. I feel that negative emotions are engulfing me, driving me to the verge of insanity.
I desperately need reassurance. I wish someone is by side at this moment – either Tom or…Gatsby.
‘Daisy, are you in here?’ Tom hesitantly queries as he enters the room and turns on the bedroom lights.
‘No. Don’t!’ I scream from under the covers. ‘Turn them off Tom! I can’t stand the light right now.’
Tom ignores my request and starts walking towards the bed. Though I am still under the covers, I can sense his
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Then he expresses in full of emotion. ‘Daisy, I know a lot had happened today. I don’t really know what to say. However, I’m glad it happened though as it had strengthened our bond and made we realise who we really love. I will always forgive you. Not only because that you are my wife, but also that I love you – just not very much. I will also be here to protect you from any harm. Let’s say we turn the page to blank again and let everything pass. Just restore and refresh everything back to where it was. Tomorrow will be a new beginning, just like the season change from summer to autumn. I just can’t wait for it to be cooler tomorrow! I am sick of the heat!’ He hugs me tightly as he

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