Monologue In The Kite Runner

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When I woke up I saw that the flowers needed some watering but then I just thought Ali or Hassan would do them today. It was pretty silent, I could hear a bee buzzing around my ear. It was making me so annoyed to the point where I just wanted to squish the pesky animal. Amir had squatted next to me, he looked very nervous, I could see the look on his face. I remember the times when we used to garden together, but that had slowly died down. I miss it yet find that it’s amusing to plant by myself. I just always see him reading, he’s never playing with Hassan. I’m worried he’s growing out of the things he loved in his childhood. I wish my son could be more like a proper man, tougher, stronger and courageous. I wish he would just stop reading and get his head out of his books and start to act like a real man. He is always being a coward and backing down, that’s not what a real man would do. I’ve tried everything that I can do to help him but nothing seems to make sense to him. Hassan is a great example for Amir of how to be a real man.…show more content…
He said he was sorry but I knew, for sure, he definitely didn’t mean it. I wasn’t trying to frighten him but I could see on his face the regret of asking such a stupid question. I hope it was good to teach him this lesson, one that I should never have to teach him again. I just wanted to shout so loud that the next door neighbours could hear it. I knew my face had gone bright red, it was as red as the tulips. Sometimes my son brings me and this family a ton of shame. I made sure that he understood what I had just told him, I didn’t know if he was listening to me but he better have been. It just makes me wonder what has been going on between my two sons. Why can’t Amir be like Hassan, such a great example of a perfect son? I wonder if he had found out? What would I do? I can’t let Hassan go, not now, not
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