Monologue Of Regence Spill

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This is for documentation as to reason why my daughter Cadence Lookabill has had so many unexcused absenses. Cadence has struggled with chronic allergies for years and with those allergies she has a lot of mucus which causes vomiting and diarrhea. I have taken her to the doctor for these issues and they just send her home saying there is nothing they can do, so I didn’t take her on those days. If she had strep throat or any other illness I did. Cadence was given notes for the dates in question, she did not get the notes to the appropriate person and after she failed to give them those notes she threw them away. I did not receive notice until midyear that the notes were not turned in. I responded by writing a letter to the Principal listing all the dates that were on the notes and that Cadence had failed to turn them in, that I excused her for those dates because of…show more content…
I found that letter in Cadence’s bookbag two weeks later and confronted her about it, she told me she forgot to turn it in. I showed her the letter and tod her to take it directly to the office and hand it to her Principal, I asked her that afternoon she told me she gave it to the office. It was about 3 months later, I received another letter with the same unexcused dates on it and realized either Cadence didn’t turn the letter in ,or the person she handed it to did not give it to the
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