Mononucleosis Case Study Essay

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Karen is a 17 year old athlete who has been suffering from chronic fatigue, and sore throat. I believe based on Karen’s fatigue and sore throat that she has mononucleosis. Karen has been in high contact situations due to participating in games and going out with her boyfriend; due to this hectic lifestyle her immune system may have been more susceptible to viruses. Upon going to the hospital Karen’s doctor confirmed my suspicions as the physician found that she tonsillitis, swollen lymph nodes, enlarged spleen. The lab tests are conclusive in confirming that Karen has mononucleosis as they showed that her white blood count is increased while her red blood count is normal, this is a sign of infection. Her liver enzymes have also increased which is caused by inflammation of the liver cells, but the strongest piece of evidence for the diagnosis is her Heterophile…show more content…
The infection has an “incubation period of four to six weeks, in children this may be shorter,” (Mayo). The illness is spread most often by close contact and kissing. Common symptoms include general feeling of being ill, fatigue, sore throat, fever, decreased appetite and headache. As the illness progresses the tonsils swell and develop a whitish-yellow covering and the lymph nodes become more swollen and painful. One of the complications of mononucleosis is a ruptured spleen. A ruptured spleen will cause sharp sudden pain in the left side. It is important to seek medical attention immediately because there is a chance that the person will need surgery. Other complications are hepatitis, jaundice, and more rarely anemia, heart issues, swollen tonsils blocking breathing and nervous system complications. Mononucleosis can be a life threatening illness for individuals with impaired immune
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