Monopolization Of Healthcare Essay

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The cost of healthcare has been growing at a rate unparalleled by any other financial concern in the American economy. Many Americans are facing the threat of being unable to pay for healthcare as healthcare costs are growing at a rate that is significantly faster than inflation. The cost to stay in a hospital bed is between 2,000 to 10,000 dollars per day in the United States, not including treatments and other fees. The significant price increase is an ongoing political battle due to the closings and merging of hospitals during the pandemic; the power of price control has been centralized to the larger healthcare providers. Politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Business insiders such as Forbes have been at the forefront of this push to …show more content…

The merging and consolidation of hospitals has led to; larger healthcare companies controlling the industry, "merged hospitals and powerful health systems have raised the price, lowered the quality and decreased the convenience of American medicine." (Robert Pearl, U.S. Healthcare: A Conglomerate Of Monopolies, forbes.com), In which has to lead to the alarming amount of revenue in from these facilities, "The top 10 health systems own a sixth of all hospitals and combine for $226.7 billion in net patient revenues." (Robert Pearl, U.S. Healthcare: A Conglomerate Of Monopolies, …show more content…

The patients (citizens) would receive benefits in varying ways along with the improved quality of care. Policymakers split but favor the difference to receive continued support from citizens and improve the communities from hospital charitable aid or increase the budget from the possible influx of fewer tax exemptions. Lastly, the providers only partially favor the change, although many are more viable options. There currently needs to be more in what is classified as surplus funds being used to benefit the community and how much surplus these hospitals are using as there has been a high increase in hospital closing and a high increase in revenue to accompany

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