Monopoly Persuasive Speech

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Welcome to family game night! Tonight, we will be playing Monopoly. Monopoly has a very interesting history and background. There is certainly a version and edition that will interest you. Even if you don’t have three hours, you can alter the rules or buy Deal, the 15-minute Monopoly card game. Anyone can enjoy bankrupting their friends. Let’s get playing. The game we have today all began long ago. In 1935, Charles B. Darrow put a patent on the game that he thought he created, but actually showed signs of being played in the early 1900’s. The Landlord’s Game, created by Elizabeth Magie, is said to have been the inspiration Darrow used to come up with his game. Though some say they are the same game and she created the original Monopoly.…show more content…
The big idea is being the last person standing. To be the last person, everyone else must go bankrupt. With a roll of the dice you get to travel around Atlantic City. Atlantic City was Darrow’s favorite place so he designed the board in ways inspired by it. Depending on where you land, you can purchase land or you may have to give money to an opponent. The instructions are easy to follow. Sometimes simple things still aren’t enough. According to W.J. Rayment, with in-depth info, people don’t always play by the rules.
“Few people actually play monopoly by the rules that come in the box. House rules have developed over the years that tailor the game to the tastes of the many people who enjoy the game. Probably the most common house rules allow money to accumulate in the center of the board from taxes, fines, and street repairs. It is then ceremoniously turned over to any player who lands on “Free Parking.”
This is one of the many alterations that can be made. Often people alter the rules to shorten the game. The rules most often ignored consist of property auctions, free parking, limited houses and hotels, loans and that only tangible items can be traded. This is just a few of the ways the game has been
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