Monotheistic Religions

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The Rise of Islamic Religion and Culture There are three monotheistic religions. Those religions are: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In Brown’s book Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present she gives small background information on Islamic religion. One point being how Islamic religion started and when Muhammed was born. She claims Muhammed was born in Mecca around 570 and it started with Muhammed and his small group of followers. He started off as a small merchant but married into a wealthy family. Brown also states one of Muhammed’s earliest revelations that there is only god, Allah, the creator of the everything in the universe. Muhammed died in 670. Also according to Brown Islam’s definition means submission to the will of God…show more content…
Ibn Sina was a very inspirational Muslim philosopher and physician of his time. He is even compared to Goethe and Leonardo da Vinci. Ibn Sina was born in 980 AD, and his father had political power because he was a governor. Sina’s childhood was great because his father’s position and he had many accomplishments as a young boy. It is stated he memorized the whole Quran at a young age; in addition, there was much more to his accomplishments. A very famous quote from Ibn would be, Medicine is no hard and thorny science like mathematics and metaphysics, so I soon made great progress; I became an excellent physician and began to treat patients using approved remedies (Tbakhi 134). Ibn died in 1037 AD at the fifty-seven years old. Ibn’s most famous and significant book is Al Qanun fi al Tibb (Tbakhi 135). This is one of the most prominent Muslim people of his time in the Islamic world. Ibn progressed the social side of Islam because many other cultures looked towards his work of medicine because it was advanced. The Europeans knew him as the Prince of Physicians which is a notable title. It is stated that his book was used for over 600 years. That is a big achievement for progressing Islamic culture in some reasons due to making Islam look like a strong religion in its early years. This also relates to economics because there was trading of many things during this time. Medicine being made was traded even the…show more content…
It changed politically, economically, and socially. It is hard to imagine a civilization like this started with a man who was a merchant then became a prophet and had followers. Till this day Islam religion is looked down upon due to its violent nature. In addition, there are approximately one billion people in Islam religion which is a big amount. A lot of Muslim people are discriminated because they are automatically put into the same category as Islam religion. Once people hear Muslim or Islam they automatically think terrorist or violent. I think it is not right to judge another person based on their belief but I do not think acts of ISIS or Boko Haram make the Muslim image look better. It just makes them spread more hate to people who are

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