Montreux Jazz Festival Analysis

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1. Disclaimer Although the Montreux jazz festival is a world renowned event it is still located in Switzerland, in the French speaking part. Thus some of the information of this report are just translated version of different sources 2. Introduction “Jazz does not belong to one race or culture, but it’s a gift that America has given to the world- Ahmad Alaadeen” This paper will be an analysis about the Montreux jazz festival, the second biggest jazz festival in the world. This paper will present; the historical impact that the event has on a local and global scale, the cultural impact it had on jazz and other genres of music, the socio-economic importance of the event for the canton of Vaud and the city of Montreux. The report will also identify…show more content…
Thus increasing the capacity of f participants. It was also during the 90’s that the festival started to expand in the city, its starts to include music’s such as hip-hop, Free outdoor concerts are starting to grow, and it was during that period that the Montreux Jazz Café was created. In 1999 the festival reached the record of 220 thousand Visitors. In the First Decade of the 21st century, the festival continued to grow at a steady rate, Welcoming artists such as; Prince (, who sold a record 4000 tickets in just ten minutes ten days before the start of the event), in 2008 the “Fondation Montreux Jazz” is crate as a Cultural exchange medium between artists from various background, or even people just interested in Jazz. It is responsible of organizing most competition that are open to the public. Unfortunately on the 10th of January 2013, after a skiing accident, Claude Nobs dies leaving the organization of the festival to one of his closest Friend; Quincy Jones. 4. Impact A.…show more content…
B. Cultural & social As previously stated the festival is important culturally mainly because of how many artists Made either their debut in larger crowd of even for their first performances on European soil. But not only that because of the openness of some of the competition performances , the city of Montreux for two weeks adopts a musical vibe to it thus it feel as if the entire city become the festival. That is all thanks to the Montreux Jazz

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