Monroe County Diversity

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Monroe County: This county was formed from the northern section of Hampton County on April 1, 1836. This county was named in honor of the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe. It is located along the border of New Jersey in northeast Pennsylvania. The counties surrounding it are Wayne County, Pike County, Northhampton County, Carbon County, Luzerne County and Lackawanna County all in Pennsylvania. In New Jersey, the surrounding counties are Warren and Sussex counties. One large institution in this county is East Stroudsburg University. And, Monroe County is currently the fastest growing county in Pennsylvania. It is surprising, given the decline in industry in Lawrence County to learn of the great growth in industry and…show more content…
1860 In 1860, as its own county, the population was 16,758 with the racial demographic of 99:24% white in the population. 1896 In 1900, the population grew by about 5000 to 21,161 with 34.3 people per square mile and it was 99.31% white. Between 1896 to 1940, there was not the industrial growth in steel like there was in Lawrence County. However, Monroe County is near the anthracite coal in the coal region of Pennsylvania. 1940 29,802 was the population in 1940 with 48.27 people per square mile. The racial demographic was 99.19% white. 1980 A huge jump occurred to 69,409 with 112.4 people per square mile. With this huge jump, I was curious if there were any shifts in the racial demographics. The only change was a small degree with 1.39% blacks in Monroe County. 2000 The population doubles in these two decades to 138,687 with 227.9 people per square mile. Now I am really curious about the racial demographics with 88.21% white citizens and 6.02% black. My current research shows a gap with unclarity about the remaining race of the other six percent of people. The growing population is able to navigate the public transpiration affectionately known as “The Pocono Pony” which is the Metro Transit bus…show more content…
1980 Reagan won Monroe County in the 1980 Presidential election. This is comparable to the state where Reagan also won the Pennsylvania vote. 2000 In 2000, Monroe County Bush beat Al Gore by 3%. In 2004, Bush and Kerry tied 50/50 in the county. In 2008, the primary revealed for preference for Hilary Clinton over Obama. In the election, Obama beat McCain 58% to 41%. 2010 In 2012, in Monroe County, Obama won 56.4% and Romney received 42.3%. 2016 Clinton beat Trump 49% to 48% in Monroe County showing a variance from the rest of Pennsylvania which overall leaned toward Trump. In these years 2000, 2010 and 2016 we see the growing Democratic trend from the influx of New York City liberals. Conclusion Between these two counties we can draw some interesting comparisons and contrasts. Both Lawrence and Monroe Counties were both created by the subdivision of two existing parts of two original counties. Comparisons that the initial demand of manufacturing and the industry helped to raise the population of these areas due to the increasing job force. The railroad, obviously, was the main structure that was able to bridge the two areas
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