Monroe Doctrine Dbq Analysis

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James Monroe was the 5th president of the United States. He was a republican who signified the “end of an era.” The end of an era refers to a time when democratic-republicans became one political party. The Monroe Doctrine ended the Napoleonic War and because of that was established the “Holy Alliance”. The holy alliances wanted to reestablish Bourbon control over Spain and colonies like Mexico, and Latin America. However, Monroe wanted to protect the newly independent Spanish colonies. Any act of colonization in the Americas by a european power would be seen as an act of aggression for the United States but it was not an official law. The Monroe Doctrine was good because it made sure America did not get controlled by other countries. Florida was an enslaved state who was controlled by Spain and by controlling Florida they were free and because of that slaves were going to Florida because they had a free state.“ Honest friendship, of equal freedom, of generous reciprocity” (Document 1). By this quote they are telling you that you can be free and have an opinion unlike…show more content…
It was good in that it kept European countries from continuing to colonize the United States after roughly 1823. In the text, it says, “We conceive the recovery of the colonies by Spain to be hopeless” (Document 2). It is a defining moment in the history of the US foreign policy. The Monroe Doctrine helped to pave the way for continued expansion from the East Coast to the West Coast without the interference of European powers. For instance, in the text it says, “We are, however, by no means disposed to throw away any impediment in the way of an arrangement between them, and the mother country by amicable negotiation” (Document 2). In this quote, Richard Rush is telling that american minister in London that they have to come out with a plan where both Florida controlled by Spain and the United States can get what they want but in a peaceful way without going to
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