Monsanto: Genetically Modified Food

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The corporate giant, Monsanto has in the past years, had way too much effect on the food business across the world. Monsanto advertises clean, healthy and safe food, but they are secretly poisoning human food sources using different pesticides and fertilizers that include threatening chemicals. They are known to abuse the livestock they tell us are raised in a happy environment. “These farms are not like the ones you grew up dreaming of owning, they are dark, cramped and dirty areas that are full of disease and suffering.”(Pollan) This corporation is able to get away with these acts because of the influence they have on politicians, governments, and the supreme food industry. Many of Monsanto’s products have been given the nickname, “Frankenfood” …show more content…

Monsanto and other companies such as those that own Larabar, Silk and Kashi do not want consumers to know the truth about GMOs in the foods they have purchased. They are also spending huge sums of money to try to defeat Proposition 37. “The Proposition dictates that labeling is required on raw and processed food if it has been made using Genetically Modified material.”(Rodale)(No on Proposition 37) In March, Whole Foods Markets announced that by 2018 all of their products that have been Genetically Modified will be labeled. This caused an uproar in Monsanto and other other companies involved in the the idea of Genetically Modified foods, and also grabbed much media attention.(Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods) “The Movements against GMO’s have caused widespread trouble for the corrupt corporations. “People against Monsanto” and even “PETA” have joined in the argument as well have opened the eyes of many people who normally buy these GM brand foods and deterred them away.” (Wohlers) Recently there has been a boom in the development of natural farms and an increase in farmers markets across the country. If more people were to shop proven organic every month then the percentage of disease, cancers and illnesses would decrease rapidly. That is so the food companies can keep GMO’s a secret about the poison in your food. These corporations don’t want you to know what you 're consuming on a daily basis. Owning over eighty percent of the world food sources Monsanto can legally say whatever they want to on their food packaging such as “organic”, or “all natural”. This leads to confusion for the public who lives in cities and don 't have access to farmers market so are forced to shop as

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