Business Analysis: Monsanto In Mexico

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Monsanto in Mexico Monsanto is a multinational company based in the State of Missouri in the US. It mainly deals in agribusiness, that is agrochemicals and agricultural biotechnology. The company has locations in over 67 countries with 404 facilities all aimed at providing sustainable agricultural products for all farmers worldwide. These agricultural products include seeds for a wide variety of produce like cotton, fruits, vegetables and field corn. These seeds are engineered for both the large-scale and small-scale farmer to ensure that what they produce is sustainable and cost efficient. They also manufacture herbicides for commercial and consumer use like the lawn owners. Furthermore, they also provide agricultural data to all scale of…show more content…
The recent mid-terms in the country led to the loss of many of the ruling party’s governorship seats to the opposition. This development dealt a huge blow to the now weak President Pena—who has two years left in his term. The situation was made dire with the election of President Trump in the USA. The country also has a poor corruption record. It is ranked as the 95th least corrupt country by Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. To make matters worse, the crime level is uncomfortably high. Most of the crime is perpetrated by the drug cartels and corrupt police. Even political leaders are not immune to the crime spree with more than 100 having been executed in the past decade. The return of the Moreno Lieutenant, Manuel Lopez, could jeopardize the reforms already carried out by the Pena government (Bremmer). Manuel Lopez’s contention for the presidency could be a political risk for the…show more content…
The NAFTA deal is a trade bloc agreement between the three North American countries that is Mexico, Canada and USA. The integration of the North American countries began in the Regan Administration through a proposal known as the North America Accord. The Accord would have brought together all countries into a common market. However, there has been no known commitment by the three countries to politically integrate. The US president-elect has rubbished the NAFTA deal and has insisted that it would be rescinded. Such a move would take back the regional integration milestones that have already been achieved. The NAFTA agreement provides for the import and export numbers that each country must adhere to. A lack of integration would lead to artificial barriers to trade, which would then affect multinational corporations like
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