Monsoon Season In Malaysia

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Malaysia is well known of beautiful beaches that you can enjoy sunlight all year around. When a tourist is planning to have a beach holiday to Malaysia, the first question that pop out is always “when is the best time to visit Malaysia?” The question is asked due to the existing of monsoon season. Malaysia is said to be sunny throughout the year because the east side and the west side of the land experience their wettest month at alternate times of a year. The wet season on the west of the peninsula, during April to October, brings thunderstorms in the afternoons; the east coast however tends to have a heavier wet season which starts from the November until February. Rainy season on the west side of the country is a welcome way to increase the humidity. Things become difficult when it comes to the rainy season on the east side of the land. Monsoon season on the east coast leads to heavy flooding and the measurement should be taken to overcome the problem is that government should take preventions before monsoon brings flood to us. The main problem that always caused by the monsoon season in Malaysia is flooding. Basically there are two types of rainfall that can bring us flood. The first one is in medium intensity but it rains for a long duration and this usually covers wide area whereas the second type is in strong intensity but it is only raining for a short duration and covers small area. Such rainfall resulting in a large concentration of runoff which is very much in

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