Monster By Walter Dean Myers: Character Analysis

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Do you get along better with a certain parent more than you do with the other. For example, maybe you get along with your mother more than you get along with your father because she is more understanding. In the book Monster by Walter Dean Myers the main character is named Steve Harmon. He is in court because he is being accused of being involved in the murder of a drugstore owner, Mr. Nesbitt. Steve’s parents each visit Steve at different times, and both have different views on whether he is guilty or innocent. Mrs. Harmon, Steve’s mom visits him on Saturday July, 11th. She was an emotional mess. With tears streaming down her face it was obvious what her opinion was on if her son was innocent or guilty. She gave Steve a bible and circled a certain verse. The verse was “The is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.” The significance of the passage she circles in the bible is that the meaning behind it is that there is hope, and she believes. Before she leaves, she tells Steve “no matter what anyone says, I know you’re…show more content…
Harmon’s visit is very different from Mrs. Harmon. For example, in the book Mr. Harmon’s voice fades away when he’s talking to Steve about the courtroom. This indicates he is doubting whether Steve is actually innocent or not. In the book, Steve says to his dad “I’m just going to tell them the truth, that I didn’t do anything wrong. You believe that don’t you?” “CU of Mr. Harmon. There were tears in his eyes. The pain in his face is very evident as he struggles with his emotions.” This text evidence shows Mr. Harmon is having a difficult time with his son being in court, and that he thinks Steve is guilty. He also tells Steve he remembers when he was little and how he would tuck him in bed, he never thought Steve would be in any trouble like he is now. This is another indication that Mr. Harmon thinks Steve is
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