A Monster Calls Quotes Analysis

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A Monster Calls: DJ Quote “Belief is half of all healing. Belief in the cure, belief in the future that awaits. And here was a man who lived on belief, but who sacrificed it at the first challenge, right when he needed it most. He believed selfishly and fearfully. And it took the lives of his daughters”. Pg: 109 I think this quote is saying that the parson had his own belief in the tree and didn 't want to give it up. But when his daughters got sick he dropped that belief for another one. That way he could help his daughters. He was selfish. He only believed when it was convenient for him. And because of that he lost the two things that meant most to him. But i do see where he 's coming from. If it were me and one of my family members…show more content…
Quote: “ You 're going to need to be brave for her, Con. You 're going to need to be real, real brave for her”. Pg: 87 I think his father is saying his mom is getting worse and that Conor needs to be brave for her and himself. I think Conor 's mom wants him brave because she hates that he has to see her the way she is. I think Conor needs to be brave for himself. I think he 's having a hard time being brave. He 's only thirteen. He has a lot going on and he 's so overwhelmed with all of it. I think Conor is trying to be brave the best he can. I honestly feel bad for Conor. Hes stronger than i would 've been in that situation. 5. Quote: “ Almost like being in the nightmare, that same feverish blur of the world slipping off its axis, but this time he was the one in control, this time he was the nightmare”. Pg: 94 When Conor broke the clock that 's when he started to feel like he was in the nightmare. He had the same feeling that he had in the nightmare. Conor was in control. So who is in control in the nightmare? If it 's not Conor. Who makes Conor feel feverish and like he 's slipping off the world 's axis? I thinks its something that he is most terrified of all. We don 't know what that is yet. But i 'm thinking if Conor is afraid of this nightmare then it must be appalling. I feel like Conor should tell someone about this nightmare and maybe that will
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