Monster Cookie Research Paper

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Legend of the Monster Cookie My life has always been a monster cookie, a huge mess. During my childhood I always remember my mom making the cookies with oatmeal and peanut butter, sometimes even M&M’s. When I think about it, it describes the very being of my cultural identity. The peanut butter is like how we always take value in hope. It’s always stuck in our mind. The oatmeal is all about how we value our individuality. How every grain is different in shape or texture. The M&Ms are about how sometimes I do not know what I believe in but when I do it is vibrant and stands out. My cultural identity is defined by my hope, individuality, and beliefs but there is also so much more. My culture is defined mostly by my values. Something that I…show more content…
Whenever I say that I do not have a religion, people automatically come up with that response. This is something that I have always found very disturbing. An atheist is a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. I don’t fit this description to be an atheist. Some people think that if you do not have a religion then you do not believe in a higher power such as God. I believe in a God, but as to what God that is I am not sure and I also believe in an afterlife but I cannot tell you whether it is Heaven, the Netherworld, or something I have not even explored yet. I was always taught that when you commit to something, you should do it and follow all the guidelines that come along with it. In all of the religions that I have explored so far during my life, I have found one or two things that I refuse to follow in respect of my personal beliefs. This means that I can not make a complete commitment to any of these religions and do not want to call myself something that supports a contradicting brief I cannot fully believing in. An example is that I cannot commit to some religions because they believe same sex relationships are a sin. Without my beliefs, I do not believe I would be the same person I am and that makes me value what I believe in so much more so that I can keep my
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