Monster In Grendel Research Paper

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What makes someone or something a monster? Throughout Grendel by John Gardner there are plenty of explanations of what makes a monster and what the qualities monsters must have to be a monster. There are a lot of examples of monsters throughout Grendel including the Dragon, Grendel, and Grendel’s mother. One scene in Grendel stuck out as the perfect example of a monster, which was when Grendel and the Dragon were talking. This scene really stuck out because it shows how it is to be a monster and how monsters act with each other. It is almost as Grendel is the good one and the Dragon is the bad one that shows the monstrous side in him. The dragon is the reason Grendel became the real definition of a monster. The definition of a monster is something…show more content…
A monster is something that people are afraid of and appearance plays a huge role in that fear that people might have. In the passage that I have chosen it is obvious that even other monsters can be afraid of bigger and more powerful monsters. “His eyes were heavy-lidded, minutely veined, wrinkled like the an elderly mead-drinkers. The high dead eyelids wrinkled more, the corners of his mouth snaked up as he chuckled, sly, hardly hiding his malice.” (58), this proves that even another monster can still fear another monster just because of appearance and their qualities. Appearance is really the only thing that can automatically make someone or something afraid because our brain is so used to the normal everyday things in life. In this passage it is obvious that Grendel feels fear because he shows it through his body language and through his voice.

Many things in this world can lead us to believe that things are monsters but in Grendel by John Gardner there is one passage that express this through Good Vs. Evil and Appearance. This passage (Page 58) shows the best examples of Good Vs. Evil and appearance. John Gardner is very creative on how he words this passage, he shows a lot of different elements of
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