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5 of the worst mothers-in-law we’ve ever heard of (-- removed HTML --) We’ve all seen the movie Monster in Law, sparking a deep fear of the mother of any guy you start dating. While it may seem like just a Hollywood tale, the vengeful mother-in-law is a real problem that many women are forced to deal with. If you think your mother-in-law is bad, just be thankful she isn’t like one of these moms. 1. The religious one Holding a different religion from your partner’s family can be difficult. While you always try and be respectful of their beliefs, somehow it always ends up being a one-way street. One Jewish woman had her mother-in-law gift her Christmas-themed presents, including a fake tree, which the woman now refers to as her…show more content…
The overly critical one It’s great when your mother-in-law wants to be super involved in your child’s life, but it’s so not cool when she starts to critique your parenting style. One woman had her mother-in-law tell her that she expected to be given custody of the child when her and her husband realized she would do a better job raising the child. Yikes! 4. The narcissistic one My mother-in-law loves to talk about herself. She goes on and on about how great her life is and nothing else. After being with her son for three years and seeing his parents at least once a month, she finally asked me the first question about myself: how old I was. It’s been three years, three years, and this is the only thing you want to know about your daughter-in-law?!? (-- removed HTML --) 5. The one that’s desperate for grandchildren Not wanting to have children is perfectly acceptable in today’s day and age, yet there are still some people who just can’t handle it. After announcing that she wasn’t interested in having children, one woman’s mother-in-law threw a toddler-worthy temper tantrum exclaiming “how could you do this to me?” Uhhh, I didn’t realize your daughter-in-law’s body was your
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