Monster To Steve Harmon Essay

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Although humans are complicated species in terms of behavior, there are guidelines that differentiates between them and classifies them to either a good person or a monster. Turning a person from one to the latter is possible though by a sequence of events that can take a person’s life south and change him into a monster even though he was good in the beginning. Being a monster is really dependent on the perception of what you do, what you act like in the eyes of the people, and the social organizations like schools, clubs, courts, and ….etc. . It is dependent also on the perception of the person himself to his acts and what he is. That is what happened in the novel Monster to Steve Harmon who was merely a teenager at the time that was in the middle of judging a murder case which he was…show more content…
That is my definition of a monster which I think was not much different from what Steve was struggling to define as the story was progressing. But in the eyes of Sandra Petrocelli who was the prosecutor of the case, the judge, jury, and the whole legal system a person is a monster when they after a long process called a trial condemn him guilty of a crime. Their way however seems to be deficient because many people who are innocent have been put behind bars and been labeled as monster just because the evidence of them being innocent was not as clear as the legal system wants. That Is why the legal system is faulted and is often criticized because it is a state institution that makes people live jobless in poverty and blames them for crimes they commit for the sake of getting by in life. This is exactly like not blaming Dr.Frankistien for creating his creature that turned into a monster which is really wrong in my opinion. Walter Dean Myers’s Monster is an experimental novel written in the form of a film script by its main character, Steve
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