Monster Under The Bed Analysis

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It is easy to let the fear control you in your everyday life. If you fear someone or something, you will automatically respect the thing or person. In the short story Monster under the Bed, 2001 by Lezanne Clannachan, light is shed on this specific problem. A 15-years old teenage boy is about to make a perhaps life-changing choice, but the way to clarity is not a dance on roses.

The narrator of the short story is a third person narrator. The marks that characterize a third person narrator is that it is omniscient – but in this case is it partly omniscient because we only get information from Angie’s and Eddie’s minds. Examples on this are ‘’She thinks it’s shyness… ’’ and ‘’He thinks about Beanie. ’’ That means that we can read the minds and thoughts of the characters that show up during the story. It gives the reader the opportunity to know what is going on in their minds and to get really close to, not just one, but to characters.

These characters are round characters because they are both described with negative and positive qualities - which usually pop up in short stories or novels. It makes the characters realistic because everybody can have a bad day, which the reader can relate to.
Eddie is the one of the main characters of the short story. As early as on the first page Eddie displays his kindness to dogs when he ‘’…rubs its hears. ’’ and later ‘’...hugs it, his face in its fur. ’’ While he pets the dog, he gets a flashback of his old dog, Beanie on page 1:
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