Monster Under The Bed Analysis

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You have probably tried to be scared of something or maybe you still are. The only thing that is dissimilar from our fears is the situations we are afraid of. However, the feeling stays the same no matter if we are afraid of snakes or if it is the fear of losing an important family member. Everybody are scared of something and it is no exception in the short story “Monster under the Bed” written by Lezanne Clannachan and published in 2011. The story takes place in the Waterloo station in London, though there are several flashbacks taking place elsewhere. We do not hear much exterior characteristics about Eddie. Instead, we hear about his actions, thoughts, and therefore, the inner characteristics. Eddie is a fifteen-year-old English boy, who lives at home with his disordered mom. Eddie seems to be a good boy, who wants the best for his mom. Furthermore, he seems to be outwardly like a polite, mature and considerate person. Eddie is also affable and lively, “Didn’t see your name on it” […] She laughs at his bad joke” (ll. 30-31, p.8-9). He is thoroughly aware of the fact that good first-hand impressions are important, just like behaviour and manners, “He shakes her hand with a firm grip to show strength of character” (l. 44, p.9), but in contrast to this obliging outer character he is shattered and miserable in the inner character. He has grown up with an unwell mother and an absent dad, who got sick taking care of his wife. His mom plays a big role in
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