Monster's Actions In Frankenstein

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Although in Frankenstein the monster’s actions are horrific,we understand his justification for doing so. Even in his attempt to be good and integrate himself into society ,society rewards him with beatings; “... I arrived at a village. How miraculous did this appear! The huts, the near cottages, and stately houses engaged my admiration … I hardly placed my foot within the door. The whole village was roused; some fled, some attacked me,until, grievously bruised by stones and many other kinds of missile weapons, I escaped to the open country ad fearfully took refuge in a low hovel.” Some may find it easy to identify with the monster, because he is a misunderstood being, led to live in isolation. This is not necessarily the case for many of the antagonists in Gothic novels such as Count Dracula and Mr Hyde, as they choose to live in isolation, however similarly with the monster in Frankenstein they live in isolation because of their unique appearances and the mere fact that they are supernatural beings but also the fact that they are capable of committing a treachery in public.
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