Monsters In The Beauty And The Monster

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Why do the presence of monsters haunt our dreams? 'Shrek ' and 'The Beauty and the Beast ' both fall under the same Meta- narrative, whether the prince is turning into a beast, or a princess into an ogre. They start off with a certain shared vocabulary people have, of how the monster 's presence is felt. Monsters are labelled on basis of how their existence is crossing the boundaries of common acceptability, which is an act of cognitive distortion on part of the entire society. We see things in black and white, we define the undefined, leaving no room for gray areas, possibly in attempt to seek stability but what we forget is that just by defining something or giving it meaning it won 't make it true.
The idea of monsters in both the movies is prehistoric, they arrive in the future to remind us of a lesson. Hidden away at the edges of the world, but they always return. These monsters ask us how we perceive the world, and how we have misinterpreted what we have. The narratives also challenge the interpretation of history itself by implying it is an ulterior motive driven process and linear chronologies may not always be accurate. These twist and turns, makes it easy for us to add and subtract from the story. Therefore, History isn 't stable or true for that matter, it’s our perception of the
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False dilemmas lead to false sense of stability! We don 't want to face our own reality. Which stands true for the human characters in Shrek and as well as The Beauty and the Beast.
If you tune into your inner self and how you feel. Are you completely
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