Monstresor Vs Fortunato Research Paper

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"I, Monstresor would one day become better than Fortunato." Or at least I would say. Me and Fortunato were friends since we both belonged to an important Italian family. We were rivals in everything and hated each other with a passion. Especially when it came to sports. We were very competitive. He was the favorited kid out of the two of us and he enjoyed making me look like a fool in front of everyone. Fortunado had everything i could ever dreamed of. Charming looks, athletic, elegant girls and, the approval of everyone. I was pretty much the wimpy kid that was an outsider but, things started to change between us when we were in highschool. It wasn 't until highschool that we actually became somewhat friends. We were both in the basketball…show more content…
It was the last game of the season. This would determine whether we go to states or not. It was also our senior year so this could have been the last game of our high school career. There where scouts looking at Fortunato. If we won this game, it would mean a college scholarship for Fortunato and a guaranteed future. As we stepped in the court, the game began. This game was one of Fortunato 's greates games. He was scoring for our team many times but the other team was also keeping up with us. They had a star player on the other team like Fortunato but, Fortunato was better. It was just that the other team played better than us except Fortunato. He was superior to all in the game of basketball. We were already in the 4th quarter and the game was intense as we were down by two with five seconds left at the clock. The ball is inbound and is in Fortunado 's hands. 3 seconds left and he gets double teamed. 2 seconds left and he has no other option but to pass the ball. 1 second left and i let the ball go out of my hands in the 3 point line. Clack! I missed the shot and it was the last game we played together. He would tease me about it and i would have to stand there and take the insults. I hated that. After highschool, I married Ashley and Fortunato married Candice. Our highschool sweethearts. Fortunato went into the wine and fancy drinks industries. He made a living by telling which is which and selling the wine. He was very good at that. I ended up being an Italian chef. Me and Fortunato were somewhat connected because I would buy wine from him for our families restauraunt. He would still tease me as always and i would sit there. I was going to seek revenge for all these insults but, nothing ever came into mind. As time passed by, I decided to stop seeking revenge against him and just joke around with him. Until One night, Fortunato was drunk and went out for a drive. It was the same day that my wife Ashley went out to buy some groceries for a recipe. I was
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