Montag And Clarisse In Fahrenheit 451

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Do you follow the rules? In the book Fahrenheit 451 there is a character by the name of Guy Montag and he is the rebel of the story and contributes to the theme in a way that any other fictional character would. On the other hand, Clarisse thinks for herself and most of the time and disobeys the rules for the most part. And this essay will compare and contrast the Qualities that they both acquire. And I believe that Clarisse and Montag contribute to the theme because Clarisse changes Montag as the book goes on and Montag keeps Clarisse happy by being there for her and being her father figure Clarisse is crazy or at least that what she thinks and the world sees her as a crazy 16-year old that tends to overthink things. She is a very…show more content…
He is 30 and married to his wife Mildred that is only with him because of his money and talent. He works for the fire department and scorches books for a living to keep knowledge out of people’s heads with a slight twist. The world sees him as a generally afraid person that is very insecure about what he does that Montag is a rebel that does not abide by the rules and does not do what he is told. Montag shows rebellion when he says “Didn't firemen prevent fires rather than stoke them up and get them going” (Bradbury, 5). In this quote, he realizes that what he does for a living is wrong and he should change his ways and do what a fireman is supposed to do. Montag contributes to the theme because he is the main character and he contributes to the theme by being the antagonist and being the main character. Montag and Clarisse both contribute to the theme because Clarisse alters Montag as the book goes on because she knows that he is not happy with his life and she wants him to realize the beauty around him and she wants him to enjoy life. In conclusion, Montag, and Clarisse have similarities even they are polar opposites because Clarisse is happy all the time and very questionable while Montag is gloomy and very
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