Montag Changes In Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Montag changes in F451 Have you ever had fun and never had to work? In F451 the members of the dystopias do this all day.They are so addicted to entertainment, they barely have to think. Montag, the protagonist of Fahrenheit 451, changed due to conflicts with himself and others of this , and leads him to question the society and how technologically advanced is turning us into mindless robots with no thought or feelings. His first internal conflict was when Clarisse Asked him “Are you happy?”,he questions himself. He also had a conflict when he regrets that he did not care for others when he had a chance to. Montag had a internal conflict when Beatty killed himself. This connects to the theme because it shows how corrupt the society is by technology as an entertainment. Clarisse, a shy frail girl that lives next to Montag, helped montag realize what a technologically advanced mindless society his was. She talks to Montag and asks him “Are you happy?”(pg.7) He never gave a response and wonders about it. From that point on we never see him use technology as an entertainment, only as…show more content…
When he was away from the dystopia he can think more clearly. He has a internal conflict with himself when he regretted not caring for other and due to the conflict he remembered how he and his wife first met. “I remember...Chicago,That's where we met!”(139) He had remembered where Mildred and him met. This shows how he cared more about others now which means he changed, whereas his old self did not This shows that he is now open minded, where he used to not be,so his internal conflict on reflecting on what he gave to Mildred and others and regretting it “What did you give to each other? Nothingness”(145) This connects to the theme because it shows how corrupt the society is and how tech corrupts people’s minds and makes them thinks less,but Montag went away from that life which makes him more open
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