Montag's Challenges In Fahrenheit 451

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Montag had to go through tough challenges, it was all for happiness. Montag’s challenges forced him to break the law, he had to go find more knowledge, and is now on the run to release the truth about books. He will need to risk it all to find his true happiness. This is how Montag will break the law.

Montag’s curiosity made him interested in books because of a lady that had books in her house wanted to protect her books from getting burned from the firemen, Montag and his workers, because of this they burned the books, as well as the lady. Montag noticed that there is more in books than he thought because the lady was willing to die for them, so Montag went to his house to read the books he had hidden. Furthermore he convinced his wife to help him read the books, Mildred is very antisocial and really doesn’t care about anyone. I say this because there is a character in this …show more content…

What he does is read a poem to one of the people Mildred was talking to because Montag got mad at her for saying things about books. This will soon take a major affect on Montag in the future. After everything was done and over with, Montag went back to where he works and the fire alarm rang which meant that someone called them to destroy a house that had books in them. When Montag and the rest of the firemen got to the house, Montag noticed that it was his house. They had to go to his house because the lady who Montag got mad at called them and told them that there were books that Montag was keeping at his house. His Captain told him to destroy the house himself and that he was going to be arrested afterwards. Although, it may have looked like Montag was done with his search for happiness, Montag will fight back. He killed the Captain, knocked out the other firemen and ran for it. He is still on the search of happiness because he is still trying to find out a way to reveal the truth about books and still be able to learn

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