Montag's Meme Analysis

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(MIP) This meme relates to an important part of the book, it is the fact that Montag’s feelings on society change, and he is against the society. (SIP-A) The society is against books and will burn them and the possibly the person containing them if they are found. (STEWE-1) This is when Montag says that he took burning books to a whole new level, “‘We burned a thousand books. We burned a women’” (47). This is the scene where they have to burn the women with her books just because she had books. She chose to be burned with them because she loved the books that much. (STEWE-2) This quote proves that Montag has to hide his books or he will be in deep trouble, “Then he reached up and pulled back the grill of the air-conditioning system and reached far back inside to the right and moved still another sliding sheet of metal and took out a book” (62).This is the scene where Montag had to reach down his air conditioning system to grab his books.…show more content…
My meme is a red herring fallacy because an argument is brought up but the other side is is arguing about something entirely different. Montag states that books can be the foundation of a better society but the actual society is arguing something different. They are arguing that television is already the foundation to a great society. Notice how society didn't bring up books, they are switching the topic to television and not books. This is also a logos mode of persuasion. I know this because both point of views in my meme are arguing a specific point and have evidence behind it. Montag is saying that books are better than television, and he's giving facts being it saying they contain knowledge and future success. Society is saying that television is the best, they are using the fact that all of society watches TV to support their statement. Both point of views show signs of logos by having facts support their argument and red herring by arguing different
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