Montag's Role In Fahrenheit 451

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Clarisse McClellan is the most significant character in the novel Fahrenheit 451. Clarisse plays a huge role in the storyline as she is the reason of Montag’s metamorphosis. She does this by making Montag question his surroundings, being a role model and changing Montag’s emotions towards others. Clarisse’s role and impact on Montag makes the most Important character. Throughout the story, Clarisse makes Montag question his surroundings; she makes Montag rethink his marriage, society and job. Clarisse’s claims eventually cause Montag to read books and rebel. Clarisse causes Montag to question his marriage when she claims, “You’re not in love with anyone.” (19). This realization allows Montag not to be dragged in Mildred’s world of drugs and…show more content…
She inspires and causes Montag to read book and influences Montag to become like herself. As the story begins it is assumed Montag has books in his house but does not read them. When Clarisse asks Montag, “Are you happy?” (7) He soon realizes he is not happy. This sets off a chain reaction whiten Montag as he begins to search for meaning in life. Montag’s search for answers end up leading him to read books. Evidence that Clarisse inspires Montag to read is seen in the quote, “These men have been dead a long time but I know some way or the other their words point to Clarisse.” (68) This quote proves even though Clarisse disappears her knowledge is so important to Montag He attempts to search for it in books. In this sense, Clarisse is the reason Montag reads, without her Montag may never been inspired to read. Lastly, Montag confirms Clarisse as a role model in the quote, “He was surprised to learn how certain he suddenly was on a single fact he could not prove… Clarisse had walked here, where he was walking now.” (138). This quote symbolically shows how Montag has seen Clarisse as a role model. It is seen here Montag was following Clarisse’s footsteps and that throughout this novel he was trying to follow what Clarisse stood for. This is accomplished when Montag begins reading and vacates his job. Looking back, it can be seen Montag had an appreciation for Clarisse like a mentor. Clarisse influenced Montag to read books and therefore eventually act
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