Montag's Use Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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With the excess of technology narrated in both histories, people began to lose more and more their interpretation capabilities. With reading, people are always encouraged to interpret situations and conversations, but with all the attention now be given to the technologies started to not be so necessary to have this ability to interpretation. Another factor that eliminates the need for interpretation is that these technologies are used a lot just as a distraction and people do not really know what they are watching. An example of this is seen in the history Fahrenheit 451, in the following conversation between Montag and his wife about the programs she watched on television " ‘I had a nice evening,’ she said, in the bathroom. ‘What doing?’ ‘The parlour.’ ‘What was…show more content…
Another factor that makes people do not need this skill anymore, is the fact that the programs shown on the television do not have any real content, they are already made to distract people without make them think about what are they watching. One example also from Fahrenheit 451 is when Mildred invites her friends to her house, and their attentions are focused on the television, but when Montag stops to listening what are they talking about, and their conversation is " ‘Doesn 't everyone look nice!’ ‘Nice.’ ‘You look fine, Millie!’ ‘Fine.’ ‘Everyone looks swell.’ ‘Swell!’ " (Bradbury, “Fahrenheit 451” 93). Montag sees that there is no real conversation between them because there is no real content to talk about. This loss of the interpretation capacity also reflected in people communication. In other words, people are not able anymore to think in something to talk to, they cannot interpret subjects enough to have a conversation between each other. For this, is possible to brings examples from both
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