Montana 1948 Chapter Summaries

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This is a story about a 15 years old boy who was taken under the Wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world. After a rough past a whole new future begins when he meets patrick and sam. Patrick and Sam shows him a whole new perspektiv of life and makes him experiens things that he never even dreamed about.

Charlie: the 15 years old senior had one of the most awful childhood a boy could have. Charlie begins to lose control then he lose his best friend Michael and his ant nearly the same time. The way he think about the death of his ant made Charlie mentally unstable, which made him the person he is. I can clearly notice that Charlie get to be a whole new person then he meets his new friends patrick and sam.
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Then he starts school he was a nobody. He was shy and even scared of little things like raising his hand then the teacher asks about something. I can honestly say that he is a good guy but had to much complication of letting thins go. The root of all his problems seems to be his Ant Helen. He can not stop thinking that he was the reason of her death.
Even thought he had a very dark past, he acts very socially and nice but dosen´t know then to react For example he didn't know how to end his relationship with Mary Elizabeth. As a person he could be really dangerous then he gets angry, He could easily beats up Brads gang then they attacked his friend Patrick. In the end I think Charlie learnt how to conquer his fears and his guilt about his Ant Helen And i can easily say that´s all thanks to his good friend Sam.

Sam: Is the one of Charlies best friends, She is a senior and got Patrick as a step brother. Then she only got one year in High school she accidentally meet Charlie. Sam becomes Charlie´s crush and he totally gets head over heels in love with
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