Montana 1948 Quotes

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Everyone has a rough patch at least once in their lives. They way people act in these hard times is a test to show who they are. In Montana 1948, by Larry Watson, David is a twelve year old boy, living in Bentrock, Montana. With both of his parents working, they hired a Sioux woman, Marie Little Soldier, to take care of David. When Marie becomes sick, everything starts to fall apart. This book is about love, family, morals, assault, and death. When the problems come out, so does the characters true personality. In hardship, our true characters are revealed. Gail is a prime example of how people change when in a difficult situation. Gail is an ordinary Montana working housewife. When the whole situation with Frank is going on, she felt her and her family are being threatened, and that is when the true Gail comes out. "Mother holds my father's Ithaca twelve-gauge shotgun, and since she is a small, slender woman, she has trouble finding the balance point of its heavy length" (11). This quote implies Gail has rarely or has ever used a shot gun, due to her lack of control and balance. With the sense of danger she feels, she is more than ready to…show more content…
Julian had handed sheriff over to him when the time came. Wes values what his father has to say, and lets him control what he does and when he does it. When the accusation of Frank is exposed, Wes cannot be the submissive anymore. "Stop it, Dad. Just stop" We demands, "Is that why I gave you that goddamn badge? So you could arrest your own brother?" Julian shoots back, "Don't tell me the law. Don't" Wes concluded (120). During this fight, Wes finally stands up to his father. Wes has to face a hard conflict, taking his brother to jail, which he decides to do, and would have done, if his brother did not take his own life while trapped in their basement. When in difficult situations, doing what is right is what is best, it shows true character, and truth is
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