Montana Behavioral Initiative Case Study

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FLORENCE— Florence-Carlton Schools observe the Montana Behavioral Initiative (MBI) universals: be safe, be responsible, and be respectful. MBI is a proactive approach to encouraging a social culture that develops behavioral and academic success for all students. With the help of faculty advisors Mrs. Kirby, Mrs. Bristow, Ms. Golding, and Mrs. Smart, student leader James Clark has successfully established a club which champions these ethics.
The Respect Club of Florence-Carlton is working to build the level of respect toward all individuals in the school community and empower the student body to get involved. The club is open to any 8th-12th grade student at FCS. During lunch meetings and other service activities, they strive to promote positive interpersonal, cross-cultural, and citizenship skills. The first “lunch without labels” was held on November 8th in the band room. The objective was to provide a progressive outlet for any student struggling to overcome intolerance. Members discussed organizing a positive poster campaign to reiterate the MBI universals in our hallways. If you’re interested in joining, these lunches will continue to take place on the second Wednesday of every month. Bring your lunch and
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“Our community could use a little more love, kindness, and respect, which are the values that respect club contends,” Greer continued, “With influential figures like Kirby and James leading the new club, Florence is on its way to supporting a culture of coexistence.”
Zach Henderson shares this point of view explaining, “I joined because I would like to help make a difference in how people treat one another and help people learn to be thoughtful.” Respect Club promotes the belief that proactive and preventative efforts in school communities can create a tolerant climate free of harassment. Stay tuned for upcoming projects and opportunities to get
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