Monte Cristo, Lord Of The Flies, And The Old Man And The Sea

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Authors use many different methods to connect with the readers. One of the most powerful and common method authors use is language. Language can be used to influence actions, ideas, or emotions of the reader. In the stories The Count of Monte Cristo, Lord of the Flies, and The Old Man and the Sea, these authors do exactly so and use language to keep the readers amused by the text. In the Count of Monte Cristo, the main character Dantes is wrongfully Imprisoned. Throughout the book, the author talks about his horrid life in prison and what he does to the people who got him arrested after he escapes. the author uses concrete language which includes descriptions which create tangible images with details the reader can visualize . This can affect the emotions of a reader because it makes them feel like they are a part of the book and have to go through the same hardships the characters are going through. For example, before Dantes went to prison, he was about to get married and when he got out his love had moved on and married someone else. This leaves readers to think if the love of a person’s life went to jail, do they love them enough for the person to get out or would they move on. Another text in which the author uses language to influence…show more content…
In the book an old man teaches a young boy how to fish and that's how they make a living. They were catching fish every day but then their luck run out and they hadn't caught a fish in months. The young boy’s parents then made him leave the old man’s boat and join someone else’s so he can start catching fish again but the boy didn't want to because he had grown to love him. This teaches the reader that doing things with the person one loves is always better even if there isn't a positive outcome every time. It also helps the reader understand that special bonds are important and shouldn't be
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