Monte Cristo Setting

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The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure fiction novel written by the French author Alexander Dumas. The novel was set in the time period from the year 1844 to 1851 and takes place during the following years after the fall of Napoleon’s empire. Important scenes from the book took place in six settings: Greece, Rome, Monte Cristo, Marseilles and Constantinople but the major scenes and most of the actions takes place in Paris, France. It is inferred that the author chose the setting in order to capture the true essence of an adventure fiction novel. This involves the portrayal of thrill and excitement. The time period alone gives the novel that intriguing factor, considering how different it is from our modern times. While the setting (place) perfectly displays the basis for sensational action scenes. Seven personalities…show more content…
the Count of Monte Cristo slowly achieved justice through his own works by bringing Danglars, Fernand, Villefort and Caderousse to ruin but later on learned a valuable lesson that only God can punish the wicked and enjoyed the rest of his life with Haydee. The main goal of the character was to pursue revenge and bring forth vengeance unto everyone who was involved in the false accusation of Edmond’s said disloyalty. He was eager to set things right and for justice to be served. The hindrance of the Count of Monte Cristo in fulfilling his task was the risk of revealing his true identity of being Edmond Dantes. By affirming his true character, he can possibly be arrested again since he was still considered as a criminal to the law at a specific part of the book and not be able to fulfill his purpose. Despite of the barrier in completing his task, Edmond was able to bring forth justice by bringing forth desolation unto the lives of Danglars, Caderousse, Villefort and Fernand. This is the climax of the whole
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