Monte Cristo's Revenge

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The story, The Count of Monte Cristo, displays that once vengeance has been stowed inside a man, the new feeling of revenge will only dissipate when his revenge has been carried out fully. Edmond Dantes, known as the Count of Monte Cristo, was arrested and taken to jail, and while he was in the Chateau d’If he was transformed from an innocent young man into an omniscient man continuously seeking vengeance, which, in the end, he does achieve. In The Count of Monte Cristo, the author uses Monte Cristo’s actions along with rhetorical strategies including detail, tone, and diction, to create the vengeful tone demonstrating that after one makes the decision to carry out his revenge, it won’t stop until it has been completed. By the use of Dumas’…show more content…
Monte Cristo’s plan for vengeance on Villefort was to have Heloise, with the poison discussed between them, murder Villefort’s family in order to get revenge, but in the end, it went too far,since Edouard “the boy, was dead”. What happened to the Villefort family was the most evil punishment given by Edmond; Villefort now is living in a world filled with despair, yet it is only known by few that the Count was the one who planned all the misfortune that dawned upon the Villefort family, which the author conveys by small details concealed in the text. Once Monte Cristo had seen the devastating sight of the poor, dead Edouard, certain details used, such as his face paling immediately, and the feeling of inexpressible anguish, convey that Edmond had gone beyond the rightful limits of vengeance, and never realized how wrongly his plan of revenge had gone. These careful details used by Dumas in The Count of Monte Cristo help the readers understand the true feelings of Edmond Dantes as he is carrying out his revenge
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