Montebello Community Accomplishment

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Through the adversities that accompany senior year, I have worked hard to propel my academic career, develop my leadership, and to have a successful soccer season. I recently had a conversation with the instructional superintendent, Anthony Smith, and he equated high school with a 400 meter race. As the race concludes and fatigue attacks, I continue to sprint towards my objectives. In the first semester, I applied to seven universities and I was admitted to all of them. I decided and committed to Colorado State University. As it stands I will be a first generation student. This accomplishment is meaningful to me because my parents have invested so much in me to get me where I am today. This accomplishment allows me be a positive role model…show more content…
After living in Denver for a nine month period we moved to Fort Morgan where I lived for 5 years. With all this being said, no location has had a deeper impact on my person than the Montbello community. The stigma that surrounds the Montbello community is that it’s dirty, violent, uneducated, or simply the people in Montbello just don 't care about their community. However, for these past six years I have challenged these fallacious narratives through my school and involvement in my community. I have seen how the beauties of Montbello are suffocated by negative reports. I am passionate about Montbello because it is apparent that a lot of people don 't. My Montbello is diverse; I am an African male with friends from Peru, Korea, and Mexico. As a member of the soccer team and a fan of everything Montbello, I have seen the community rally behind their teams and youth. No one has more might than a Montbello Warrior cheerleader and fans. My Montbello cares. When the historical Montbello High School was in the process of being shut down, my Montbello fought. Montbello community is intertwined in my entire being. I see the struggle present in the community and it pains me to see that we are a food desert, it pains me to see that our schools aren 't properly funded, and it pains me to see some of our teachers are inexperienced. I am pained because my Montbello is my home. My school is a result of a broken and corrupt system that took a bulldozer to the staple of the community; Montbello High School. However, I love my school. From creating the Student Council my freshmen year, to serving as Freshmen, Sophomore, and Senior Class President, I work to the best of my abilities to better my school. My junior year, when Noel Community Arts Middle School was in the process of closure, I organized students and invited at
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