Montessori Case Study

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LANGUAGE HISTORY: When T was a baby, he repeated and tried mumbling what his parents were saying. A little after 1.5 years of age, he started producing certain words, which made sense to the rest of his family. Like, “I hungry” or “I tired.” Fast-forward a bit, T went to a Montessori school starting at age two. His parents wanted him to get an early education. They put all of their children through this schooling. T is now in kindergarten. As learned in class, toddlers get a massive growth spurt of vocabulary, and thereafter, when they turn three they have full adult comprehension of language. His mother doesn’t have too many concerns regarding his language usage. She said he doesn’t have any issues with communication, only “social” communication. Although, she did say when he was two he went through a phase where he mispronounced a few words. Such as, saying the F*** word instead of saying “Truck.” Pretty much like a lisp away. But it went away as he grew. So he had a minor issue with his phonetics. He had a few errors. But it never warranted any further…show more content…
However, when he was four, he decided it would be a cool idea to stick one of his small Lego pieces in his ear canal. He was having severe ear pain, and his parents couldn’t figure out the cause. So they took him to the doctor, and the doctor looked into his ears and saw a black blob. They weren’t able to determine what it was, so the doctor sent them to Children’s hospital. When they arrived, they were told he would have to have exploratory ear surgery. He was put under sedation, and they used a suction scope and suctioned up the mysterious lego piece. His mom also mentioned that he had strep throat multiple times throughout his childhood. They thought his recurring strep was part of his non-compliance with medication adherence. For instance, T wouldn’t take his oral amoxicillin. So the doctor would have to give him shots in the butt for any
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