Early Childhood Education Environment Analysis

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The national Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is big nonprofit organization in the US representing childhood education teachers, center directors, Para-educators, college educators, trainers, policy maker, families of young children and advocates. Its main focus is to improve the well being of the young children with important emphasis on the quality of developmental and educational services for children from birth to the age of 8.
The association aim is to serve and act on behalf of the requirements, well being and rights of all young children. Its mission is based on three main goals and principles, improving well qualified practitioners, improving childhood education through high supporting program, and
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It cares for special differences between the students and support most of their areas developments. It provides a permanent and secure foundation of educations for the early child. The needs of child are designed to meet these innate tendencies and sensitiveness. The environment is different for each developmental plane, but directed by the same guidelines. The role of the teacher and prepared environment in the classroom differentiate the Montessori from other educational approaches. This special environment enables the children to perform different task such as thinking about relationship, the sequential nature of the environment through orderly structures, and spelling derived through identification of pattern, not just by the memorization. Each aspect of the curriculum includes thoughtful analysis and creative invention (Blaik-Hourani,…show more content…
The environment should be constructing according to the child requirements, consider harmony, beauty and cleanliness of the environment and order arrangement which facilitates movement and activity. Although Montessori model is applicable in the whole emirates but it required being well equipped for the better development of child, as there are many schools who do not have sufficient tools (Guidebook, 2010).
As I see, damaging these two models of education will change education positively in the UAE. However ADEC has new plan that take the advantages of other models what are suitable in this country. I cannot say that ADEC is the appropriate model of education in the UAE, because it is new one. I believe that ADEC will achieve great result in couple of
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