Montessori Philosophy Of Education

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As a pre-service training educator of early childhood education, I have been learning some educational philosophies and ideologies, theories of learning and teaching. By the hearing the term “philosophy” we can distinguish that is mainly concerning the theories of different philosopher related to education. Philosophy of education is concerned as the most important factor in the Child’s life. In the following essay, philosophy of education will be discussed. Firstly, philosophy is defined as an approach of learning which could be best attained and considered as a combination of different views accepted is mainly a set of different ideas and beliefs regarding the education which mentors the professional behavior of the teachers. Philosophies act a mentor of the way in which the teachers and parents interact with the child, which also represents the individual effort each is contributing in the life of the child. It is basically defined as an acquiring and imparting of intelligence through learning and teaching. Educators nowadays have their own philosophies which mentor them when having discussions in the classrooms. Teachers have their own individual philosophies which helps them to conduct lesson in the of the brilliant example of philosophy of education would be Montessori. As the Montessori philosophy of education is known as the best among the other philosophy of education. It provides free space for discovering things
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