Montessori Theory Of Montessori Schools

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Montessori schools may ring a bell for those who are under the education field. Hence, it is a consititution that connotes emphasis on the child or also known as the child-centered education. Different from the mainstream, school for the special kids, school for the elites... It is blatant that being a part or being associated with this word entails living up to a certain status quo. Being a montessori school requires fullfilment of a certain standard in which montessori schools should adhere to. However, it is very unfortunate to consider the fact that montessori schools nowadays don’t really pay attention to the standards that makes a montessori school different. Montessori Method has been the Brainchild of Dr. Maria Montessori for more than 100 years now () The word curriculum as it was being defined by the Glossary of Education Reform (2015) refers to the topic and academic content being provided in a school or in a certain program. As it was being further defined by the curriculum developers, curriculum covers the learning standards and objectives they are expected to encounter. Alvior (2015) stated that there are four major foundations of curriculum namely the philosophy, psychology, history and sociology. Sociology being defined by Merriam Webster refers to the social relationships and collective behaviour of the individuals in a society. Hence, Alvior (2015) concluded that, “There is a mutual and encompassing relationship between society and curriculum
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